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Set it and forget it. By linking your banking accounts, you’re creating a personal ecosystem that seamlessly balances your spending, your saving and your giving — empowering you to live the life you choose, save for the things you care about and help make the world a better place.

spave® deducts micro-amounts (“spavings”) from your primary checking account and distributes them to your savings and selected charity(ies). Whenever you make a purchase using the debit or credit card linked to this app, a % (that you define) is deducted from your checking and automatically distributed to your selected Saving and Giving accounts.

Control. Choice. Convenience. Community.


You can sign up with spave® through Facebook, Google+ or with your email. If you use your email, you will be able to merge your social media accounts in the future – if you use the same email address in both apps. After you sign up, you will need to use the same identifier [mobile phone number, email or Facebook/Google] to log back in.

Email and text messages may take a few minutes to reach you. If you still don’t receive a code after a few minutes, tap “resend code” and we will send you another one. If you are still not receiving a code, please send us an email at

You will be able to reset your password by navigating to Settings under the More tab. There you will find the “change password” item. You will be required to enter your old password, then enter a new password twice to verify.


Yes, spave® needs to obtain basic personal information, such as: name, address, date of birth and the last four digits of SSN. This information is required to perform a Customer Identification Program, also known broadly as “KYC,” or “Know Your Customer.” The purpose of performing this due diligence is to verify the identity of individuals wishing to conduct a financial transaction, while also giving a reasonable understanding of the type of activity in which each customer will engage. This verification is done by our integration partner, Dwolla. spave® is committed to maintaining the security, confidentiality and integrity of all personal information about our users. We do not sell or share your personal information to anyone, for any reason. All communication data between spave® app and our servers, as well as integration to our strategic partners, use bank-level encryption protocols. For more information about our security, please read section “Account Settings & Security” below.

spave® will collect and maintain your giving amounts each week, and a transfer will be initiated every Monday to your charity via our partnership with Make My Donation. Transfers may take up to one week to complete.

spave® will collect your savings amounts each week, and a transfer will be initiated every Thursday to your savings account. Transfers may take up to one week to complete.

All of your linked accounts can be found under the My Spave Info tab by tapping on My Linked Accounts. From there, you can add more accounts, or swipe left to de-link an account.

Currently there are no fees for you to use spave!

We have established an overdraft protection threshold so that if/when there is $25 or less in your checking account, we will send a notification to you that asks if you want us to initiate the spavings transfer next week, or if you want to cancel the transfer and pause your spavings until further notice. You can also limit the amount of spavings that are deducted from your Checking account per transaction, per day and/or per week.

There is no maximum amount you can give or save. However, if we identify that there is a transaction scheduled for an amount greater than $500 (for either giving or saving), we will send a notification to you that will require you to either confirm or cancel the transaction.


You have access to your savings and can use and transfer as you please. Donations made are final and cannot be reversed. Please contact support at to discuss any questions you have related to reversals.

You can link only one checking and one savings account at this time. You can link one debit card (associated with your checking account), up to four credit cards and five charities. Future releases will expand this capability.

Yes. If you would like to change the checking account you originally linked on spave, you can do so by clicking the My Spave Info tab (lower right of your screen), selecting My Linked Accounts and de-linking your existing checking account by swiping left. You can then click on the + sign to the right of Checking Account and follow the process to link another checking account.


We take security very seriously and protection of your privacy and data security is vital to us. We have taken extreme measures to validate each user, their accounts and to protect personal data within all aspects of our infrastructure and user experience. We have implemented the same level of security that your bank does.


We have strong encryption deployed both for data storage as well as API invocation. Along with SSL certificates and access controls in place , we keep your data safe and secure.


Our technology development led by industry leading, world-class firm with cyber security expertise. Back-end services are built on AWS Cloud Infrastructure which meets PCI, SOC compliance requirements.

Data Transmission

We use 256-bit encryption and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to transmit data through our app and is never stored on your mobile device. Strong data access control assures only authorized personnel have access to the data. We also ensure the same intense bank-level security standards, policies and protocols are adhered to among our accredited integration partners.

Access Controls

We have strong access controls in place which makes it possible to have access to resources only by authorized users. Separate access controls are enforced at each layer of infrastructure. Multi-factor authentication is required for access to third-party infrastructures. All application and user access logs are stored centrally and actively monitored.

Fraud Detection & Controls

Our services are deployed on a highly secured AWS platform architected with all security controls in place to avoid, rapidly address and proactively resolve identified issues.

For more information about the safety and security of spave, visit Our Security Promise To You.

You can deactivate your account by navigating to the My Spave Info tab. If you wish to reactivate, please contact our support team at

Please send an email to and we will deactivate your account.