Welcome to Spave and the Spave Blog:

Welcome to Spave and the Spave Blog:

Welcome to the Spave blog!

Hi, we are so glad you’re here. This blog is going to be a mash-up of Spave tips, user stories, alt rock, and life tips. We are going to share cool budgeting ideas, showcase our non-profit partners (“Spave Faves”), financial literacy pieces, little quizzes, and anything else interesting we love and want to share with you. 

My name is Rachael and I will be one of the main voices you’ll hear on this blog. I’m the Communications Director at Spave and I so look forward to finding out just how much we can do on this platform. 

Please send feedback or topics you would like covered, your input will make us more relevant to you and we can grow together. For example, should our blog have a name? I was booed out of my own living room when I suggested it, but hear me out: Splog. There’s still time to think of alternatives…  

We are so excited to get this kicked off. Hope you enjoy it!


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